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  • Automate list building using artificial intelligence
  • Smart opt-in forms automatically adapt to perfectly match what your customers are looking for
  • Interactive chatbot increases engagement, collects leads automatically and reduces bounce rate

Install on your website once and add highly targeted and engaged leads the easy, hands-free, way with our artificial intelligence technology

Set up your list in your autoresponder

Sit back and enjoy increased opt-in conversions and sales

Your Opt-in Forms Are Hurting Your Business – Here’s Why . . .

One size doesn’t fit all.

Ask anyone who’s tried ‘one-size’ clothing.

It’s inevitably too big, too small, too long or too short. It’s because one size simply can’t accommodate every body type.

So why do marketers think their ‘one-size fits all’ opt-in forms could possibly fit what each of their website visitors want?

The same opt-in form shown on every page of a website is a trend well past its freshness date.

You see, not every visitor is looking for the same thing.

That’s why your opt-in form isn’t working the way it should.

Website Visitors Are Not All The Same

Here’s the thing :

  • One visitor might be looking for product reviews on your site
  • Another might be looking for ‘how-to’ information on a subject
  • Yet another might be looking to buy a product or service

So how can your current opt-in form, which shows the same headline, text and call-to-action to all your visitors, despite what they’re interested in, be working well?

It probably isn’t.

The result? Your visitors ignore your opt-in form.

Which means. . .

Your opt-in conversions tank, which hits you right in the wallet.

Because, if no one signs up for your list, it’s going to be extremely hard to sell your goods and services.

Well, we’re about to end this problem for you with a solution straight out of science fiction . . .

LeadTarget is our cutting edge automated list building tool.

Create “smart” dynamic opt-in forms for every page on your website . . . and increase visitor engagement at the same time with our interactive chat bot.

…all by installing it ONCE on your website.

Use them separately, or use them together – either way you get the same results. . .

Hands off list building, soaring opt-in rates and audience engagement on autopilot.

Watch the demo video below to see how LeadTarget can help you get more highly targeted leads – starting now

A Long Year Of Testing And Development Brought Incredible Results. . .

After a full year of tweaking and testing and perfecting. . . trying out ideas. . . keeping some, throwing out others and sometimes starting again from scratch. . .

We began to put our new software to work on our own sites.

Right away, we were blown away by how much easier using a little artificial intelligence made it to collect targeted leads.

Our opt-in rates soared past our wildest expectations.

We also realized we could pre-segment our leads by setting up our lists inside our autoresponders based on the topics of our pages.

Because our forms appealed to what visitors were actually looking for, we could immediately send out email campaigns with products and services directly appealing to these interests.

There was no guesswork involved, because the dynamic opt-in forms let us know exactly what people were looking for.

The results were not only vastly improved opt-in conversions, but also tremendously increased sales.

No Import/Export Hassles

We decided we needed to automate another aspect of our new tool to make things easier.

New leads would be automatically added to our autoresponders as they subscribed, by integrating the software with the API of our autoresponder.

So there’s no need to ever export leads and re-import them into an autoresponder, because the software does the hard work for us.

With our software creating highly targeted forms for us, we had complete confidence to select offers which perfectly matched our new leads’ interests.

We never once had to guess if they’d be into the offers or not. We already knew because of the forms.

Which created more sales . . . and profits!

Popup Triggers

Decide how and when you’d like your popup opt-in form triggered by your visitors’ actions

  • On User Scroll
  • Delay Time
  • Page Load
  • Exit Intent
  • First Click

DFY Form Templates

Take the guesswork out of form creation with our done-for-you templates extensively tested to convert visitors into subscribers. Suitable for any niche

Integrates With ALL Autoresponders

Seamless API integration with GetResponse, Aweber, MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, iContact, Infusionsoft and custom HTML means your leads are automatically added to your list of choice. Start immediately sending offers to your highly targeted prospects and watch your profits grow.

Create An Interactive Journey For Your Visitors With LeadTarget’s Chatbot

The Chatbot – An Unexpected Benefit . . .

The chatbot was also a MASSIVE win for your websites.

As well as boosting opt-in conversions, it kept visitors engaged longer on your websites. . .

Which helped reduce your bounce rates and this in turn helped with our organic search rankings

Watch the DEMO

Our chatbot guides your readers on an interactive journey through your website designed to lead to a conversion.

The chatbot helps your readers discover exactly what they’re looking for by asking them a series of questions. . . which creates high engagement.

It’s ‘oh-so-easy’ to get more subscribers when you put the chatbot to work. You can even have it offer special incentives to entice your visitors to sign up for your list.

Proven Sales Psychology At Work

The chatbot is very effective at getting opt-ins because it requests your visitors to answer a few simple questions before they claim their opt-in incentive.

This is based on well-known sales psychology.

Visitors who take a small action such as answering a question before they’re asked to subscribe are more willing to give up their email address.

You can even combine the dynamic opt-in forms and the chatbot on a single page for an irresistible conversion experience.

There’s No Time Like NOW To Grow
Your Email List Via Automation. . .

Monthly Payment

  • Install on Unlimited Websites
  • “Smart” DFY Opt-in Form Templates
  • Chatbot “Smart” Engagement
  • Analytics
  • Extra WP Plugin
  • Exclusive Bonuses (150,000 PLR Articles)
  • 24/7 Support
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Half Yearly (10% Off)

$53.00/Half Year
  • Install on Unlimited Websites
  • “Smart” DFY Opt-in Form Templates
  • Chatbot “Smart” Engagement
  • Analytics
  • Extra WP Plugin
  • Exclusive Bonuses (150,000 PLR Articles)
  • 24/7 Support
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